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Trademark monitoring

The person who has registered their trademark may always meet the risk that competitors, both knowingly and accidentally, register the identity in related areas.

There is a high probability that an expert as a person not otherwise involved in your business can consider other declared trademark designation not similar to yours and carry out its registration. Thus, the competitor designation might get registered and you will have to deal with this trouble. Monitoring will help to identify such cases in proper time and draw up opposition to registration of competitors designation. Monitoring is also useful in case the right holder suspects that the competitors are already fully prepared for the registration process and even have started it.

It is very important to reveal similar trademark designations in proper time. A period of time when identical trademarks can be litigated is five years. It is also important to detect and stop the process of registration of identical trademark at the stage of examination by Rospatent.

Trademarks monitoring is carried out using Russia’s most extensive and continuously updated database of registered trademarks - FIPS (subordinate to Rospatent). Using the same database it is also possible to track the applications submitted for registration.

As a result of the illegal use of trademark, the right holders may incur not only financial, but also reputational losses. Violators who use a borrowed or similar trademark may not take the challenge to produce quality goods or provide quality services.

The cost of registration of trademarks

Name of service Cost Deadline Term of registration Tax
Checking the trademark for identity and similarity from 250  € 10 days --- no tax
Search by textual trademarks from 300 € 10 days --- no tax
Search by graphic trademark from 400 € 20 days --- no tax
Search by combined trademarks from 450 € 20 days --- no tax
Registration and submission of application without search in the base of trademarks from 450 € 20 days 18 month ~ 200 
Registration and filing of an application with the selection of classes of the IGTU, replies to requests, except for the preliminary refusal, without conducting a search from 300 € 20 days 18 month ~ 200 
Registration of a turnkey trademark, except for a preliminary failure from 300 € 20 days 18 month ~ 200 
Registration of a trademark from a foreign applicant from 300 € up to 1 month 18 month ~ 200 
International registration of a trademark on the basis of an existing certificate issued in Russia from 670 € up to 1 month 18 month on request
Response to preliminary failure from 670 € 15 days 2 month no tax